Happy 6th Brithday Hank!

Happy 6th Birthday Hank!
I always get emotional on your birthday.  I think back to how scared we were about losing you then and how much I loved you.  But with each birthday I love you more and am so grateful you are here and a part of our lives.  You have a kind heart, are fun loving, a bit rowdy, full of energy, and love all sports.  If there is a ball you are throwing it or bouncing it.  You give the best bear hugs and love to be Daddy's little helper.  You have a way of making people laugh and everybody wants to be around you.  So much so that we tease you are a frat boy in the making. :)  When I think of you, joy comes to my mind.  You fill me with joy and my heart overflows with happiness that you are the final letter of MKHKKH!  I love you Hank!

Zoo Trip

At the beginning of the month Hank's class took a field trip to the Phoenix Zoo.  This is the classic Kindergarten field trip and each of the kids have gotten to go on with their class.  However, I have only been able to chaperone Kaitlin and Hank's.
 This was going to be the last one.  Sniff, sniff.
 The animals were the most active we have seen thus far and almost seemed to be performing, as though to say goodbye.  The tiger roared at us!
 The zebras came for a close inspection.
 The monkeys playfully jumped over us.
 And the orangutan must have decided to put on his best show for the Kindergarten class because as soon as we showed up, he started picking his nose and eating it.  You should have heard the class erupt with laughter and "Eeewwwww,  Gross!!!"
So many parents were able to chaperon that only 4 kids in his entire class didn't have a parent.  So we had only one boy with us.   We had a wild time running all over the zoo with my monkey and his buddy.  I want Hank to stay this age forever.  Five year old boys love their mamas just about as much as their mamas love them! :)

Kaitlin's Colorful Rainbow Birthday Party

For her 8th birthday party, Kaitlin wanted to have a rainbow theme.  We decided it would be fun to tie dye shirts.
Rainbows were everywhere.
 Hank even sported the rainbow Mohawk he won at school.
 Kaitlin's rainbow cake has to be one of my favorite cakes of all time.  It was so easy and looked so pretty!
Decorating for it was pretty fun too.
 The rainbow party table was full of rainbow treats.
 We made eggless rainbow cupcakes for Hank and for anyone that prefers chocolate over vanilla cake.  They turned out so great and were also so easy!
 Rainbow lollipops and rainbow Gatorade.
 Rainbow cookies to snack on.
 Rainbow goldfish too.
 A rainbow of fruit treats.  These were a big hit with the kids.
Our first game was find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  The kids ran all over the back yard until they found the black pot full of rainbows and gold.
 We filled it with these little bags of rainbow Twizzlers and chocolate gold coins.  The person that found the pot of gold also got a real golden dollar!
Then we split the kids into two groups.  One group got their face painted by Hailey and her buddy Jess.

 Then they moved to the rainbow bracelet making station.
 The other group was making the mess tie dye shirts!
 It was quite the challenge to keep permanent dye off of a bunch of kids all squirting the bottles of dye everywhere.
After each group rotated through the stations, it was time for the famous Piñata!
 The kids all love this part of the party.  We stuffed the piñata with rainbow candies like skittles, starburst, jolly ranchers, and ring pops.  Even after the candy was out, the kids wanted to keep swinging at the Piñata.
 The final game was pin the cloud on the rainbow.  They are getting a little big for this game and were able to feel their way to the right spot, which made it impossible to determine a winner.  But Kaitlin still wanted to play this one. :)
 Time for rainbow cake!
 She is like a beautiful rainbow!
 This is what drives me to make their birthday as magical as possible.
Princess for a day. :)
Did I mention how much I love this cake!?
 It is prettier in pieces than whole.  I can't say that for any of my other cakes.
We had a pretty colorful and happy day.
 The kids went home with colored pencils, rainbow bracelets, bubble wands, and their rainbow candies.
 After washing and drying the shirts the next day, Kaitlin packaged their thank you cards with them.
We had a color filled, fun party for our girl that is like the gold at the end of the rainbow in our hearts!
Happy Birthday sweet Kaitlin!

How Kaitlin Spent Her 8th Birthday

 Kaitlin had a pretty run of the mill kind of Birthday during the day.  Her school was doing their standardized testing, so the campus was closed.  No fun lunch dates, but we did plan the menu around her favorites!
 Breakfast was a circle cake (egg in the middle of a pancake with syrup all over it!).
Her favorites for lunch.
Dinner was Costco's rotisserie chicken leg, shells and white cheddar noodles, artichokes and fruit salad.
 Kaitlin requested a brownie sundae with Blue Bell vanilla ice cream, Ghirardelli brownies, whip cream, chocolate sauce and a cherry on top!  My girl knows some tasty desserts!

Presents!  Her big present this year was a new bed set.  Just like that Hello Kitty is on the outs.  She is growing up so fast. :(
Normally before bed the older kids read to themselves, however, Kaitlin requested I read her name book with her on her birthday.  My heart runneth over...

Happy 8th Birthday Kaitlin!

Happy 8th Birthday Kaitlin!
Your dad summed it up perfectly when he said the only thing bigger than you is your heart!  You are growing up so fast and learning so much.  But one thing has not changed, and that is your tender heart that is always looking out for everyone else.  On your report card your teacher said she wished she could have 10 of you and in our conference she confided that you are her absolute favorite.  It is easy to see why!  You work hard, look for ways to fill a need, put others before yourself, and always shine a beautiful smile.  We love you like crazy and know that 8 is going to be great!

Glamorous Girls

While the dudes were getting dirty, the girls where getting glamorous!
 Friday night we went out to Sushi.  Usually we get it to go, so this was a special treat.  The girls thought it was pretty fun and we tried some new rolls.
 After Hailey's horse lesson on Saturday morning we grabbed their favorite bagels from Chompies.
 Then it was time for the Oasis spa day.  We did facial masks and hair masks, leaving our hair silky and our faces soft and smooth.
 That afternoon I took the girls for a special treat pedicure.  They loved the message chairs. :)
 Kaitlin was quite ticklish.
 Pretty from our head to our toes!
 Hailey left to a sleep over so the K buddies and I hit our favorite Mexican restaurant and did a little retail therapy at Target.  Karlie had some gift card money to spend from her birthday.  She is a shopping force to be reckoned with.
We shopped until Kaitlin and I were ready to drop!  We didn't get home until bedtime!
Two little ladies in my bed.  I was thinking how happy I was that I was not sleeping in the dirt like the boys. :)
What girls weekend would be complete without a chick flick and a tea party?  We spent Sunday relaxing and snuggling.  It was really great to spend some girly time with my ladies.  I love having a gaggle of girls!